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Jeff & Ellen White

The Relationship Workshop

A 2 day workshop to help couples create better connection.

All couples struggle in their connection and all couples experience conflict. How you navigate that conflict can really shape your relationship and determine your trajectory as a couple. Together, we'll get into how you and your partner chat, argue, and make up. We'll find out what and how you love, uncovering your unique relationship language.


And it's not only about heart flutters; it's about health too. Research consistently shows that the state of your relationship can directly affect your mental and physical health. A good relationship will improve your health and well-being but the contrary is also true.


The workshop is about more than just getting closer emotionally, we love demystifying how to create a sustainable and happy relationship. Whether you're new to your relationship or navigating challenges after years together, we're certain you'll come away with greater relationship competency through real-life examples and a practical roadmap from conflict to connection. All this happens within a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.

                To register, send us an email using the link below!

In The Workshop You'll Learn:

How to Fight Better

Learn skills on how to make your arguments more productive and less destructive; so you can hear each other more clearly.

How to Engage When You're Not Fighting

Learn how to promote friendship, trust and emotional intimacy by attuning to your partner.

(And emotional intimacy promotes physical intimacy!)

What is the Culture of "US"

Learn how to create culture, rules and harmony in your home to promote equality and connection. 

Learning the art of couple integration/

move from Me to WE.

Jeff & Ellen

Meet Jeff & Ellen, a dynamic husband and wife duo with a wealth of expertise in life and relationship coaching. Ellen, a Life and Relationship Coach and Intuitive Counselour, brings 21 years of experience to the table. Jeff, an Executive Coach and Relationship Coach, boasts 20 years of personal coaching experience.

While trained in Imago and Gottman, what makes them so effective as relationship coaches is that they're a real couple who test what they teach and truly understand the challenges of being a couple.


With a blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and a touch of humour, Jeff & Ellen are committed to helping you transform your life and relationships.

What People Say


No time is wasted and, if you're willing to put the effort in, your relationship will improve immediately! Jeff and Ellen use practical tools to turn mud into clear water.

Woman with Short Blond Hair


This weekend was a great way to shine how we interact as a couple. Jeff and Ellen are charismatic and intuitive coaches with a wealth of experience in bringing couples together.

Woman in White


Being in a space with other couples to see how they communicate and fight was really enlightening! Thank you Jeff and Ellen for sharing your personal experiences. 

Novotel Hotel in Toronto

Fri. February 23rd, 7-9:30pm ONLINE
Sat. February 24th, 9-5pm IN PERSON

Novotel Hotel

45 The Esplanade

Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W2

Price: $795 per couple

Make it a Weekend Getaway!


Friday Night
Book a room at the Novotel.

Attend from the comfort of your hotel room.

Hotel Room

After the workshop, make a reservation
or catch a show!

DJ Set

Grab breakfast at a nearby restaurant or go for a stroll.


Date at a cafe
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