Life Coaching


        •   Couples -    Learn how to communicate before tackling your problems.


        •   Family -       Balance family culture with your individual needs.


        •   Friends -     Learn what is your energy vs their energy.


Career -                  It consumes a lot of your life so are you happy how you are spending your time?


Mindfulness -       There’s gold in the present moment.


Healthy body -     Your body is telling you what it needs. Are you listening?


Stress -                   It’s really all in how you perceive it.


Fulfillment -         Focus out on what you're giving, not on what you're getting.


Self-esteem -        Have your own back first.


Boundaries -         It’s a form of self-care.


Metaphysics/Spirituality -  Connect with your wise self because, deep down, you already know.


Goal-setting -       It’s about who you become in the process, not the achievement.


Coaching skills -  How to bring more of the good stuff out in others.

Corporate Coaching

Coaching and people management -    Every behaviour is happening for a reason. Find out.

Sales and the client experience -    Understand first, solution second.


Presentation skills -    You are the main focus, not your slides.

Handling conflict -       See the need behind their behaviour.

Communication skills -  People learn a lot about you from the way you communicate. And most is non-verbal.

We work with:


Individuals  - We work 1:1, either in-person, over the phone or online.


Couples - Whether you are business partners, friends, family members or romantic partners, our goal is to                      support relationships that are healthy, mutually beneficial, and safe.


Groups - We facilitate small group workshops, and host study groups on topics from personal development                  to leadership development.

Our clients are adult men and women (approx. 25-60) who are consciously wanting to make changes to their lives.  They are professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople, self-employed, parents, newlyweds, singles, or people just starting out on their own.

How we work:

Sessions are conducted in person or remotely and are booked one at a time, not in pre-packaged bundles. We want you to book a session because you want to have one - not because you have to use up your pre-paid package. 


The first session is 90 minutes, and usually 1 hour thereafter.  Sessions typically occur 1-3 weeks apart. It’s important to have space between sessions to experience life and integrate the ideas we cover in our time together.


More on our coaching:

Coaching is about process. It’s about the skills you develop, and the person you become while on your journey to accomplish things. 



The first step is about gaining an objective point of view on your situation. We help you become aware of what you're doing and the impact you're having - on yourself and on others. This involves talking about your intentions, emotions and your actions… and the resistance that comes up for you. The ability to shift your focus to a more balanced perspective is key to moving forward.



It’s important to take responsibility for your life, so it can be yours. We'll help you learn the difference between what’s ‘yours’ and what isn’t.



In order to change your life, you’ll need to adopt new ways of thinking and behaving. So we’re going to get you to do stuff! We'll end the session with some action steps to try out between sessions. Small but important shifts are what lead to big changes.

“I love life coaching because of the progressive nature of my sessions. When I began, I felt as though I was stuck. I had done what I knew to do to no avail. The coaching had me see things in a different way.”


“Now that I know better, I’m showing up better.”

We're happy to customize our approach for you and your organization.

For more info or to get started, contact us

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