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Jeff & Ellen

Ellen White

Ellen White

“Ellen has helped me to find my voice. She has this amazing ability to see right through me, get to the heart of the matter and challenge me to take responsibility for my actions while giving me the tools to move forward. I am now living the life I desired!”

                                                                              - B. Jamieson, Toronto

After studying linguistics and psychology at the University of Toronto, Ellen earned a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management with high honours.  She has worked for boutique companies as small as seven employees, to large corporations such as Robert Half International. In 2001, Ellen was appointed Manager, People Development for Sun Media, with cross-Canada responsibility for training and performance management of 6,000 employees ranging from entry-level to senior executives. For seven years Ellen traveled the country leading workshops in leadership development, sales and customer service. During this time, she authored two columns, Job Talk and Dynamics. She also added to her skill set by training at the Adler School of Coaching.


“At the end of the day, I was essentially helping people. No matter what company I worked for, people needed help with their professional and personal lives. As a result, I ended up doing a lot of 1:1 personal coaching.”

In 2008, Ellen was tapped to host a 13-episode documentary show based on her coaching. The Truth Behind Yourself, showcased the journey of six people as Ellen coached them through a myriad of life’s challenges.


Ellen is also a Certified Imago Relationship Facilitator. Imago is an effective approach to communication that helps people strengthen the important relationships in their lives, and creates an opportunity for self-healing.


Today, Ellen combines her corporate experience, coach training, and knowledge of metaphysics into her Toronto-based private practice.

In Ellen's words:

My strength lies in understanding what is at the core of what a client really wants. My strong sense of intuition helps clients sort through the “weeds” quicker to see beyond their current situation.  


There’s always a reason why people don’t have what they want. And it comes down to conflicting energy within a client. I can detect these tension spots, and these help me pinpoint what is really going on for them. It is the presence of incongruent energy that drives all the symptoms in a client’s life.


Next, I help clients get clear on new behaviours that will address their situation; actionable tasks that help them consciously start behaving in ways that are more healthy for them. My approach is practical, holistic and down-to-earth.


I feel a great sense of fulfillment when a look of relief comes over my client’s face after the struggle they came in with is no longer an issue. It’s important for me to set clients up for wins. Self-help should not be complicated. I’ve developed easy and practical ways to help my clients. Simple, simple.

Jeff White

Jeff White

“Jeff helped me see that conflict is not the problem. It was my resistance to the conflict that was adding to my situation. Conflict isn’t bad, it’s a starting point.”

                                                                - D. Minett, Vancouver

After completing a double major Physiology/Psychology degree from the University of Western Ontario, Jeff completed the Canadian Securities course and worked in sales at a bank. He returned to school to study classical theatre and earned a diploma in Performing Arts. He is a graduate of the prestigious Birmingham Conservatory in Stratford, Ont. and was a company member of the 2001 Stratford Festival season. He has worked on various projects in TV and film. (for more info, check 


A bright light and positive spirit both on and off screen, Jeff has honed his coaching style for the last 20 years by working with several leadership development companies.


Jeff is also a Certified Imago Relationship Facilitator; specially trained to help people strengthen the important relationships in their lives. He has also completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. 


This diverse personal and professional development has provided Jeff with a unique coaching style. He combines his background as an actor with his vast knowledge of people management into his workshops and private practice. 

In Jeff's words:

My main focus is helping people to see a little further down the road; to see the impact of their actions - both on others and themselves. If what you're trying to achieve and the outcome aren't matched up, then you need to do something different.


My goal is to support real behaviour change. Life is not an intellectual pursuit. New conscious behaviours are needed in order for things to change in your life. It might be practicing an important conversation, rehearsing a presentation, or using new language to support a new mindset.  


My background in psychology and corporate training, accreditation in Imago Relationships and Gottman Method, personal involvement with Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, and especially my own relationships have all influenced my critical eye and helped me become an effective coach.

In the end, I’m here to help you get your hands back on the wheel of your car!


Jeff is proud to have worked with the following corporate clients:

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